Advantages of binary options over spot forex trading?

I am professional binary trader with experience more than 5 years. Before I tried bond market and energy futures, but left them because of tight regulation, high comissions and non-competitive “peaceful” environment of brokerage services there. However, based on forum sentiments binary trading considered in most cases to be near-to-gamble type of trading with very low chances to win. I feel there is some misunderstanding with options, in my view it is even more beneficial that other types of trading… What do you think about that guys?

Binary options is scam?? It is totally bllsht It has equal type of trading on forex market along with futures, forwards, and spot trading. Most of traders just can’t get accustomed to that trading type, because there are no notorious indicators, EAs, robots, charts swamped with trading templates - nothing that might help you to look big and consider yourself professional trader haha. Options is primary trading type I engage in.

I think this types of forex trading is equal, sometimes spot trading (instant exchange) even better in terms of controlling your open position. It really difficult to discuss their swings and roundabouts, because every trader has different approach.

Spot trades has a range of indisputable advantages, some of them are:

  • No strange 75% payout. Broker charges only spread and Swap (in case of holding a position opened overnight)
  • “loaded” MT4 platform with programming modules, indicators. A lot of ways to develop yourself.
  • Ability to control position, open and close it at any time.
    And many more…

If you want to gamble, go to betfair or online casinos… No need to call it binary options…

I don’t seem much difference between them, both has gamble nature