Apple at its peak: is it time to buy? |

Apple at its peak: is it time to buy?

At over $500, Apple's market capitalisation is worth nearly $2.160 billion, which is completely unheard of and makes it the most expensive company on the planet.

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Things happen fast in the world of trading and stocks - timing is everything. None more so perhaps than with the answer to this question.

So far in September we have seen the Apple price fall 17% - which in real terms means that its market value has been shaved by $400 billion to just under $2 trillion to $1.9 trillion (£1.48 trillion).

Now the crown for the world’s most valuable public company returns to Aramco the Saudi oil company.

These two are the only companies to have ever achieved valuations of $2 trillion; Aramco hit that level last December with Apple overtaking in July of 2020 - now they are both just under that $2 trillion mark with the oil giant back slightly ahead of the tech company.

So to return to the question - is it time to buy? Well ignoring the “.…at its peak….” then the answer is probably yes - if you’re quick.

But why quick you ask? And the answer to that is in this announcement ".…Well now we know: Apple has announced that there will be an Apple Event on Tuesday 15 September at 10am PDT (which will be 6pm in the UK)….”

Ok “big deal” I hear you say, which indeed it could be if the historical data is anything to go by. Tomorrow is the day that Apple gets to show off their new toys to the world - so will it be the release of the iPhone 12 or something completely different?

Whatever the news, historically the data has shown that traders increased their stakes in Apple during event days - so expect a surge in price - maybe :wink:

I’m sure glad I added the ‘maybe’ as even the traders seemed shy and/or unimpressed with Apple’s Event disclosures yesterday as it closed almost $3 down on the opening price.

The new Series 6 watch, Fitness app and iPad Air did little to stimulate the markets - so is the appetite waning for Apple, becoming more realistic/cynical or is it just waiting for the iPhone 12?

Just in closing, I have to declare there are no Apple products in my house nor do I own any Apple stock - why you might ask?

Mainly for the reasons as outlined here: