Best MM strategy, or how we can gamble forex

Guys I am just wondering if it’s possible to make money on forex without special knowledge, e.g. just making stakes wisely, sticking to some strategy? Martingale for example. I have decent amount of money I want to put into trading, but going the hard way watching charts, studying economics, indicators, types of analysis seems to be dull as ditchwater…I would gladly consider and discuss any trading strategy that discount any hard stuff? Any advices?

I am afraid it is impossible. Alike the casino, forex trading has nothing to do with gambling, as you make transcations to carry trades - buying one currencies and selling another. It may be considered as short-term commerce bargains, where profit is made on difference in currency rate over some period of time.

Of course you can but in the long run you will lost. No way to avoid that…

I tried some gamble strategies on forex including casino on hotforex demo account, but unfortunately they proved their failure in the long run. I mean the more you play the more are chances to go bust.