Bitcoin on the rise again! |

Bitcoin on the rise again!

Cryptocurrency fans have been on a real downer over the past few months, sceptics quick to say the fun is over for Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, Litecoin and Monero.

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Cryptos are always fun :wink:

My two-pence worth from close analysis offers that, as far as Bitcoin goes, in the medium-term it will go higher BUT there are far too many people looking at it.

In the very short-term it looks like it is going up [ next 2 weeks] but for the rest of the year, long-term it’s still too hard to tell with any real certainty - watch this space!

(And for the uninitiated, if there are still any around, here is a handy quick-and-easy guide to the major Cryptos: Everything You Should Know About The CryptoCurrency - Part 1)

And here’s some of the latest reporting I’ve added: