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Warren Buffett is probably the greatest and richest investor of all time. While his investment decisions are more complex, he is known for value investing – i.e., buying stocks which are traded for less than their “real” value in order to make money in the long term.

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Warren Buffet is much revered in financial circles not least because of his personal acumen; the ninety year old “oracle of Omaha” is the world’s richest investor, said to have a personal fortune of $104bn.

His business corporation, Berkshire Hathaway, has a broad and diverse spectrum of businesses included in its portfolio ranging from, to name some of the more prominent stocks, Apple to Duracell to Dairy Queen. Beyond these it also has large stakes in house building, insurance, rail roads, utilities, manufacturing services, railroads, retail and utilities.

As a whole the conglomerate is currently valued, as of May 12, 2021, at $667.55 billion.

So whilst I wouldn’t necessarily use the Warren Buffer Indicator as my investment guide I do take heed to what Buffet himself, or more accurately, what Berkshire Hathaway is trading in as an occasional steer on which stocks to keep or drop.