Is there a way to conveniently convert/use my crypto automatically as if it was cash/card?

HI guys! Please advise a newbie crypto junkie such as myself, how can he get his eth coins converted to EUROs?
Not a fan of dollarr transactions, since I live in Berlin, not Washington DC, so US services are not what I am looking
for. I simply need a EU service that is trustworthy and automatically lets me deposit my regular plastic card with
crypto while making it into EUR I can spend in my everyday life. Many thanks and kudos!

Hi -

Quite a few ways really. All depending on how adventurous you feel. Cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the better ways to sell Ethereum for your desired currency. While you sell Ethereum in exchanges you can choose EURO as payment option and receive the funds in EURO. There are various options out there just use your favourite search engine and do a bit of diligence first!

Good luck and keep a close eye on your wallet!

you’re welcome as i am aboutt to help you out. there’s one service i found - they fit all your criteria - bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin dorect load on a VISA card w little to almost no fees.