My 2018 Commodity Adventure!

Let me share a little commodity ‘adventure’ I have been having this year, in what I consider to be two ‘normal’ market areas and one slightly more unusual market area.

The first of my two best performers on the long side were: Tellurian Inc. (TELL US: a company that develops low-cost liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects.

The second being Newfield Exploration Co (NFX US:, involved in the crude oil and LNG exploration.

Both companies outperformed as the U.S. government committed to import less LNG. A number of Directors committed to buying both the stocks right when its price hit a recent low. Short after the stock gained traction on the back of the U.S. government‘s commitments.

The analogy between these companies and the Director behaviour clearly indicates that following their decisions leads to generating alpha!

My third best performer on the long side was: Cardtronics plc. (CTAM US: a company operating as a cash machine provider.)

The company did particularly well on the back of announcing to extend their long-term agreement with Meridian, Ontario’s largest credit union.

A lot of hard digging has been put in for the background but worth it so far!

Anybody else been spotting these?