Seen Any Bitcoin Scamming Sites Lately?

Sadly there are quite literally dozens of websites out there doing their level best to breathe new life into the idiom “…that a fool and his money are soon parted…

This is one of the worst (or best depending on your point of view!) that I have yet seen:

The biggest surprise, to me anyway, is that the prominent citizens used to add credence to the wild claims used in this false advertising - the likes of Dyson, Sugar, Cowell, Clarkson and “…he who will NOT be mentioned….” - haven’t used their considerable wealth to shut this down!

The quality (or lack thereof) in the comments attributed to each, as below their displayed image, gives a strong pointer to the sharp minds behind this sort of thing.

Perhaps someone should discretely draw their attention to it.

If you’ve seen anything similar to this scam, financially related of course, do add your comment with a link for all to see.

Have heard of quite a few around from colleagues on the rumour mill, going under the imaginative names of Bitcoin Collector and similar.

Many of these are posing as ‘credible’ (to the unwary) offering Bitcoin Generator guides on YouTube. These in turn encourage the more gullible audience members to download a ‘tool’ in order to access the vaunted, but non-existent, get-rich-quick scheme.

Lo and behold, when they download the software ‘tool’ which is in fact a semi-legitimate looking but malicious code it takes control of their computer and any valuable data thereon.

Luckily I have not actually personally encountered one - maybe because I don’t live in a perceived tax haven like this poor fellow:

Like most forms of transaction fraud have been around for centuries.

One of the oldest recorded examples dates back to 28th March 193 AD when the Praetorian guard ‘auctioned’ off the whole Roman Empire to the highest bidder.

The successful bidder became Emperor Didius Julianus enjoyed this unlikely ownership for just 66 days before being executed on 3rd June 193 AD.

So whether it be lottery scams, Nigerian scams, online mortgages, art, precious metal investments, eco investments or pretty much any area where a fast buck is to be made, fraudsters will there hard at work vying for a slice of the pie.

Bitcoin scams have been around for some time now, almost as long as Bitcoin itself.

Amusingly, but not unsurprisingly, brokers have now emerged offering their services as ‘experts’ to claim your money back now’ - with no guarantee of success and also, obviously, at a price - so not far from scammers themselves.