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With the development of social networks there is a new trend in online trading, called community trading or social trading. It is when an online community appears, of people interested in a specific subject, online trading, who make their trading decisions mostly if not solely based on what other traders have done.

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Social Trading is a generally new popular expression - made by the business pioneers of the retail financial specialist/exchanging world - which alludes to a stage for people like you and I to talk about planned dealers we’re hoping to put resources into. The go-between (social exchanging site) as a rule complete a great job in permitting you (financial specialist) to rate, give input, make inquiries and for the most part draw in with merchants you’re keen on.


So is it not fair to consider ‘Copy Trading’ to also be a form of Social Trading? Albeit a modern day form of capitalist socialism :thinking:

Apparently eToro allows this sort of ‘communal’ activity, as exemplified by a Brit crypto currency trader here.

He seems to be doing alright with a $230,000 annual commission from his 9,143 follower’s/copier’s invested assets - not too sure how his community is faring though!