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What is the minimum deposit to open a trading account?

Opening a trading account usually requires depositing a first amount of money to confirm and activate the account. But this modality is different from one online broker to another. We must therefore study what each broker offers online before deciding to open an account with one or the other and can begin to invest online on financial assets.

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Yes Carlo these are very important factors to take note of before you dive into a live trading situation.

Also I one hundred per cent endorse your advice that prospective entrants to the world of trading try their hand through at least one virtual trading platform simulator to get some practice of managing a portfolio using ‘fake money’.

An additional benefit of choosing an online broker with this facility is that, later on down the road once some experience has been acquired, it will afford the option to test out new trading strategies with little or no risk.

In tandem with researching deposit requirements and minimums it is also part of most sensible trader’s diligence to look long and hard (reading the small print!) to determine exactly what the various commission elements are with their chosen broker. Do they use a flat stock trade fee accounting system, a per share rate fee, do they have broker assisted fees, mutual fund trade fees commission free exchange trade funds and so forth.

Ultimately, it all adds up and can make the difference between you having a good day or a very good day in trading!

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